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The Gifted

Two hundred and fifty years in the future, the world starts anew in what used to be the Californias. Led by Jale Life Industries, the Darwin Enclave conquers the apocalypse by using an army of genetically modified slaves to exploit the resources of ruined Latin America: The Gifted. 


The fates of an ex-narco, an oppressed homemaker, and the scorn of the Jale family intertwine when they are called to join the army in the middle of a brewing coup d'etat that wants to topple the supremacy of the Jale clan, owners of the Gifted. Caught in a crossfire of powers much bigger than their own, Othello, Lyvrea, and Isador must rely on each other to pick the lesser of the evils among ruthless narcos, radical freedom fighters, and oppressive governments. Reluctant at first, their partnership grows into an unbreakable bond that threatens the powers that be. 

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A Thousand Wonderful Things

A coming of age story for all of us who are never quite done growing. 

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